Implanter Disk Refurbishment

MIT represents Core Systems, Inc in providing ion implanter disk refurbishment services for Singapore and the Southeast Asian region.

Picture of Implanter Disk

We repair and refurbish legacy and advanced technology high current implanter disks and components, including those from:

  • Axcelis(Eaton)
  • Varian
  • Applied Materials
Seperate pedestals/pads can be refurbished for VIISion or Applied disk types.


  • Warranted by Core Systems
  • Based on Core System's development in cleaning, elastomer and silicon coating technology
  • Meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Superior wafer cooling
  • Longer coating life
  • Better Contamination Control


  1. Completely disassemble and inspect disk.
  2. Make an assessment of the repairs and refurbishment required.
  3. Replace most parts other than disk, pedastals and clamps with new parts and coatings.
  4. Final assembly and balancing.
  5. Inspect, clean, particle test disks and parts.
  6. Double vacuum bag the disks and parts for shipment.

Example of disks serviced

  • Axcelis/Eaton NV series
  • Axcelis/Eaton GSD series (includes SEN SD series)
  • Varian VIISion (and E1000) series
  • Varian 80/12/160-10 and XP series
  • Varian High Energy (Genus) 1500 and Kestrel series
  • AMAT 9000 series (heat sinks/pedestals only)