Krytek Ion Source Conditioner

Picture of Krytek

The ion implant bay is the most prolific unit process in the front end, with more wafer passes per ion implanter than any other equipment in the fab. With over 125 systems installed globally, the Krytek source conditioner has a proven track record of saving time and money. Click here to download the Krytek 300 Brochure.

Reasons for using Krytek 300

  • The only conditioner that simulates and conditions an ion source off-line like an implanter.
  • Fab line time required to bring up a source after exchange is reduced by 1~2 hours.
  • Elimination of infant mortality.
  • Payback can be expected in ~125 source changes.
  • Increases implanter availability and overall productivity:
    • Reducing time required for ion source exchange by up to 90%
    • Eliminating failure after source exchange (zero-hour sources)
    • Eliminating premature source and other ion beam component failure due to rebuild errors


  • Automated test and conditioning sequences recipe controlled
  • Automated leak checking
  • Electrical pre-testing of arc voltage, filament, TC's and insulators
  • Out-gassing of the filament and arc chamber
  • Oxide burn-off and/or de-hydrolyzing
  • End-point detection and auto shut-down
  • Transport, Test and storage in vacuum canister
  • Designed to take all Axcelis, Varian, AMAT and Nissin implant sources
  • Throughput to handle needs of multiple implant systems